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Derma Max Medical Center

Our innovative approach to aesthetic treatments goes hand-in-hand with the outstanding level of care and expertise we are recognised as providing. In the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the DermaX Medical Center, our doctors and highly trained team provide an outstanding level of client care and expertise.

We insist on using the highest quality products and treatments available so you can be confident of long-term results and excellent safety. Our team firmly believe that you should be able to safely enhance your appearance to look fresh and natural whilst remaining true to yourself and to that end we have sought out the very best treatments to offer to our patients.

To find out more about us, the aesthetic treatments we offer and how we can help you achieve the results you're after, call us today and b ook an appointment.

More About us

What We Do

As with all professional, non-invasive procedues, there's a lot of information to take in.

  • We create a bespoke service and experience that matches your needs perfectly
  • Our team is highly trained and experienced in providing an outstanding level of care and expertise
  • Our Clinic is award winning, recognised Centres of Excellence for a range of revolutionary treatments
  • All of our treatments are very carefully chosen. Many use patented and FDA-cleared technology and some are also EU CE-marked treatments
  • Our clients stay with us. We're proud to boast an impressive 97% client retention rate and our biggest source of new clients continues to be through personal recommendation
Why Derma Max Medical Center

Restore, Rejuvenate, Rejoice

Because we always provide the best quality service which will last long till the future

At Derma-X medical Center, we treat every client as the unique individual they are. We recognise that not one package or treatment will work the best for everyone. That's why when you visit us, our doctors will begin your journey with a in-depth consultation.

Best Staffs and Doctors
Your health matters to us. Our best doctors and nurses will serve professionally.
Advance Equipment
Experienced doctors are equipped with the latest and innovative equipments for you.
21+ years of experience
Our Doctors are hightly experienced, some are over the 21+ years of experiences.
Affordable price for all
Visit our medical center for affordability and various types of installment plans available for you.
We Care for you

Health Package

Essential Package



  General Health, Electrolytes

  Lipid Profiles, renal functions

  Liver functionalities, Diabeties

Superior Package



  Essential all Check-ups plus

  GGT, Billurubin Check-up

  Direct total Protein profiles

Ultra Package



  Superior packages all

  Fatigue, Bones

  All Vitamins D, B12, Magnesium...

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