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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers Fine lines and wrinkles are visible on the face and creases become more prominent due to natural aging. Dermal fillers are injectables proven to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on face and restore facial contours, resulting in more youthful and rejuvenated facial appearance.

Dermal Fillers Goals

  Time Required – Few Minutes

  No Anesthesia Needed

  Immediate Recovery

  Very High Success Rate

Injectable Fillers Before & After Results

Dermal fillers result in more youthful facial appearance. The results are effective and last for 6 to 12 months; some cases may last longer, even for up to two years. There is no guarantee, as the results vary from person to person.

Injectable Fillers Candidates

  • Fine lines around nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Fine lines on lips
  • Lips and cheeks have lost volume
  • Minor nose deformities like nasal humps
  • Receding chin
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Non-smoker

Injectable Fillers Procedure

  • Procedure involves facial evaluation. Surgeon examines face and marks the injection areas
  • Treated area will be cleansed using anti-bacterial agent
  • Numbing cream or local anesthesia will be applied. Dermal filler injection is bearable, and patients do not normally require numbing cream application
  • Dermal fillers in small amounts are injected in the marked areas
  • Treated area is massaged and markings made are cleansed off

Injectable Fillers Post Treatment Expectations and Care

Dermal fillers have no downtime and normal activities can be resumed immediately right after the treatment.

  • Over-filled appearance of treated area
  • Slight pain and discomfort
  • Mild swelling and bruising
  • Numbness and redness on the treated area
  • Avoid sun exposure to avoid complications
  • Apply sunscreen regularly
  • Use ice packs on treated area

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