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General Dentistry

Everybody loves to have healthy teeth and a perfect smile that radiates confidence. It is only possible when you take good care of your teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene. Dentists always recommend brushing teeth at least twice a day and flossing every day to keep them healthy. Also, visiting your dentist occasionally allows you to keep your teeth safe from decay and other oral problems. Therefore, to make dental care easier for the people, general dentistry in Dubai has been introduced.

What Is General Dentistry?

General dentistry focuses on the basic aspects of dental care and provides suitable ways for prevention. This field includes your regular checkups so that you may protect your teeth from future hazards.

Are You A Candidate?

Everybody is a good candidate for general dentistry services in Dubai. Even if you don’t have any major teeth problems, still you should seek professional help because oral health should not be ignored.

You are a good candidate if you want to;

  • Prevent plaque and tooth decay.
  • Avoid more costly dental treatments in the future.
  • Keep yourself safe from more pain and damage that may occur in the future.
  • Have healthy teeth.

What Is Included In General Dentistry?

There are various dental services included in general dentistry that are essential for your oral health. Following are some of the main services:

  • Fluoride treatments
  • Awareness regarding your existing problem (if any) and future possible issues
  • Regular examination and cleaning
  • Education regarding dental and oral care procedures that you may perform at home
  • Dental sealants etc.

Sometimes, veneers and root canals are also considered a part of general dentistry Dubai; specifically when these procedures are necessary to meet your dental health requirements.

How The Procedure Is Performed?

Usually, a normal checkup is performed. Your dentist asks about your existing complaints (if any), checks your teeth, gums, and jaws. After that, the procedure differs on the basis of diagnosis. He will guide you further on the basis of your problem.

How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

The answer to this question is very short and precise. You should visit your dentist at least 2 times a year if you really want to maintain your oral health. Furthermore, if you are experiencing any problem with your teeth or gums, don’t wait and visit your dentist immediately.

Instructions To Follow After Seeing A Dentist

Normally, it depends on your dental checkup. If your dentist notices any problem or there is a chance of any infection or decay, he/she may provide you some special instructions or a care plan that you should follow. Also, if you need advanced care, he/she might refer you to a better dentist. However, it is necessary for you to follow the instructions provided by your dentist. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the best results.

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