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Teeth Whitening

Derma Max Medical Centre provides professional teeth whitening, done by experienced dentists, who understand what bright smile all is about.

As we get older, teeth can become discolored due to a number of reasons. The common culprit for yellowish or discolored teeth includes drinking colored beverages and food, teas, coffee and smoking. The staining usually happens on the surface of the teeth, hence the need for professional teeth whitening procedure.

Since teeth whiteness varies from person to person, what others might achieve from the procedure might not be what you achieve. Our expert dentists customize each teeth whitening procedure according to the patient for best results.

Teeth Whitening Goals

  White Teeth

  Brighten smile

  Boost confidence

  Enhance overall personality

  Reduce appearance of wrinkles

  Increase attractiveness


Teeth Whitening Results

The results are outstanding and the people who undergone teeth whitening treatment from Derma Max Medical Centre are very satisfied with the results.
The results last for 4 or more month, depending on the overall diet and dental health.

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