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Skin Whitening

Laser skin whitening, also called a laser peel, is a non invasive cosmetic treatment which uses short bursts of laser light to lighten skin and remove dark blemishes. Hand-held laser emitter is used to remove the surface layer of the skin. The emitter is moved back and forth across the skin causing the laser light to destroy the melanin-producing cells within it. The process results for the skin’s natural pigment production process to be stopped or slowed so the skin gradually becomes lighter. Laser skin whitening treatment can also work wonders in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Laser resurfacing also improves the appearance of sun damage, acne scars, age spots and other common skin issues.

Skin Whitening Goals

  Time Required – 1 Hour

  Local Anesthesia Needed

  Recovery Time 1 Week

  Very High Success Rate

Laser Skin Whitening Candidates

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Not pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive
  • Wish to achieve an even skin tone
  • Treat sun damaged skin
  • Want to get rid of dark spots on face
  • Want to lighten your complexion by several skin tones
  • Has realistic expectations from the procedure

Laser Skin Whitening Pre-Treatment Care

  • Apply topical ointments as recommended by dermatologist to help prepare skin for laser treatment
  • Avoid using Retin-A one week before treatment
  • No smoking and alcoholic beverages for at least a week prior to skin whitening treatment
  • Avoid taking any blood-thinning medication, such as such as ibuprofen, aspirin, beta blockers or Vitamin E supplements
  • Clean face thoroughly

Laser Skin Whitening Procedure

  • Doctor or Laser Technician cleanse the face and neck to prepare for the treatment
  • A cooling gel is applied to the face
  • Hand-held laser emitter is used is moved back and forth across the skin
  • Laser beams are absorbed by the water, hemoglobin, and melanin in the skin
  • This absorption eliminates dark spots and lightens the overall skin tone
  • It shrinks enlarged pores and improve overall skin texture
  • Small areas can be treated in few minutes while larger areas like full face and neck may take up to an hour

Laser Skin Whitening Post-Treatment Care

  • Use cold compressions to relieve any itchiness or discomfort
  • Do not touch and scratch skin to avoid permanent scarring
  • Moisturize the treatment site 3 times a day
  • Avoid going for any other skin care treatments for at least a month
  • Do not expose treated areas to direct sunlight for 2-3 months after every laser session
  • Moisturize treated areas 3 times a day
  • Do not massage treatment site for at least two weeks

Laser Skin Whitening Results

Results of laser skin whitening treatment in Derma Max Medical Centre are long lasting. Visible change can be expected in skin tone after each session in the clinic. DERMAX offers you a happy, healthy, glowing, and whiter skin.

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